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At CMAA, our team is what makes us special. Our dedicated staff members are committed to improving the lives of those we serve, and we work tirelessly to create meaningful change in our communities.  

Executive Director

Sothea Chiemruom

Communications and Development Assistant

Sophia Sar

Civic Engagement and Energy Efficiency Project Assistant

Dana Touch

WACS Assistant and Receptionist


MFSP Assistant II

Melissa Sin

MFSP Data Entry Assistant

Kevin Santos

Music Teacher

Sovann Khon

Adult Khmer Language Teacher

Tararith Kho

MFSP Computer Instructor

Linda Lak

Executive Assistant

Charles Chhor

Web Manager and Social Media Specialist

Emaly Horn

Special Projects Manager

Sreang Heng

MassHealth Enrollment Counselor

Chantha Thang

MFSP Assistant

Shania Espinal

YS Program Coordinator

Theresa Tha

Cultural Teacher

Khuntheary Pich

Rising Stars Summer Program Counselor


Operations Manager

Silvia Dominguez-Bodie

Special Events Organizer


WACS Manager

Leakena Phal

Khmer Language Services

Sreang Heng

MFSP Drop-Off Respite Assistant

Sophal Hay

YS After-School Program Assistant

Hillary Soun

Cultural Teacher

Nayto Hieng

Information Technology Associate

Christopher St. Croix

Communications and Development Manager

Nich Chea

Civic Engagement Coordinator

Sopheavin Sin

WACS Assistant

Vannaret Tek

MFSP Manager

Sengly Kong

CAC and MFSP Respite Assistant

Jennifer Soun

Music and Cultural Teacher

Sithul Ieng

Youth Khmer Language Teacher

Chantha Thang

Grant Writer

Lynn Arsenault

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