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Sengly Kong

Sengly Kong

MFSP Manager

Contact Information

Sengly Kong joined our organization as CMAA's Program Director from 2006 to 2010. He returns to support CMAA in January 2024 as the Mononom Family Support Program Manager. Sengly holds a Ph.D. in Human Dimensions of Natural Resources Policy and Management, earned through a prestigious Fulbright Scholarship at Cornell University. Dr. Kong has demonstrated profound dedication to community-based research and development in health and human services over the past decade. He coordinated two major projects funded by the U.S. government, addressing health disparities among Cambodian Americans. His notable accomplishments include spearheading a CDC-funded health promotion and education project aimed at reducing cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes risk factors. Additionally, Sengly led a NIH-funded study investigating the effectiveness of lifestyle interventions, specifically focusing on the "Eat Walk Sleep for Health" initiative. We are thrilled to have Sengly Kong on board, and we look forward to the valuable contributions he will make in advancing our mission.
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