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Monorom Family Support Program

Monorom Family Support Program

The Monorom Family Support Program has been serving families with special needs children and adults since 1987. The program provides families with case management, counseling, and recreational and educational opportunities. This program is funded by and in partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services.

កម្មវិធីមនោរម្យជំនួយគ្រួសារបានបំរើសេវាជូនក្រុមគ្រួសារដែលមានកុមារ និងមនុស្សពេញវ័យត្រូវការជំនួយពិសេសតាំងពីឆ្នាំ១៩៨៧។ កម្មវិធីយើងមានផ្តល់សេវាកម្ម រៀបចំឯកសារ ប្រឹក្សាយោបល់ ឱកាសកំសាន្ត និងការអប់រំនានា ក្រោមជំនួយឧបត្ថម្ភពី និងកិច្ចសហការជាដៃគូនឹង Department of Developmental Services​​ នៃរដ្ឋម៉ាសាឈូសេត។


Services Included

Application Support

SSI, DTA, Masshealth, Fuel Assistance, Housing Assistance, etc.

Computer Camp

Our Computer Camp Program offers comprehensive training to introduce technology to Monorom individuals unfamiliar with its usage, focusing on virtual meeting platforms, email correspondence, internet navigation, and other essential tools.

Document Translation/Interpretation

We assist clients with document translation or interpretation, also known as sight translation. We assist with translating documents such as anything they receive in the mail, bills, medical paperwork, insurance letters, etc.; anything our clients need help understanding.

Drop-Off Respite Care

Respite Drop-off provides a safe space for adults and children with special needs. It is a way to provide their caretaker with time to themselves, whether they are busy at work, have appointments or simply need some time to themselves. Our Drop-off team consists of two part-time staff who provide childcare on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays from 1:30-6 pm and Saturdays from 10 am-4:30 pm. They provide transportation to and from the home if needed.

Family Conferences

We have been honored to host a Family Conference Program for our Monorom clients. These conferences provide an excellent opportunity for parents/guardians to de-stress, strengthen communication, and nurture positive relationships while learning about self-care and prioritizing one's health and well-being.

Guardianship Support

Our team offers help to clients' parents interested in getting guardianship for their children. Guardianship is the position of being legally responsible for the care and legal actions of someone unable to manage their own affairs. This allows the parent to make legal decisions on their child's accord/ behalf after the child turns 18.

IEP and ISP Meeting

The Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) aims to guarantee that a child with a legally recognized disability receives customized instruction and related services while attending an elementary or secondary school. We help provide support during their IEP meetings, ensuring that the parents understand everything.

In-House Services

We provide support and allocation for clients who need assistance in securing provider and care services for their children.

New DDS Application

We assist our clients when renewing their DDS applications and anyone outside Monorom who is interested in our program and would like to apply.

Referral Services

We help our clients with referral-related services, such as calling for a referral on their behalf or helping them write a referral letter if necessary.

Social Outings and Recreational Events

We believe social outings and recreational events play a significant role in improving an individual's quality of life. Our team includes participants in events such as Khmer New Year, Trunk or Treat on Halloween, Field Trips, Community Events, Back to School, Thanksgiving Dinner/Turkey Baskets, Toy Drive, Holiday Dinner, and more.


Individual/Small Group Training, Consultation, Parent Networking and Support Group

Transportation Services

If clients need transportation to medical-related appointments, we provide transportation to and from their homes and back using our CMAA company vans.


For more information, please contact

Sengly Kong

Monorom Family Support Program Manager


Direct Line: 351-500-6455

Office Extension: (978) 454-6200 x1026

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