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Tararith Kho

Tararith Kho

Language Teacher

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CMAA offers Khmer Language Classes at beginner and intermediate levels welcoming students with little or no prior experience in learning the Khmer language. Youth classes are taught by Mr. Chantha Thang and Adult classes are taught by Mr. Tararith Kho. ••• Tararith Kho is a Cambodian poet, publisher, and educator who has been instrumental in the founding of PEN-Cambodia. Co-founder of the Nou Hach Literature Project and of an affiliated journal that published fiction, essays, and poetry sometimes critical of the Cambodian government. Kho was subjected to threatening anonymous phone calls and emailed death threats which forced him to resign from the Project in January 2010. Kho was a fellow at Harvard hosted by the Department of Comparative Literature. He now teaches Khmer language and developed programs in Khmer language and literature at Middlesex Community College, as well as CMAA's Youth Services After School Program along with Ida Borin.
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