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Programs and Services

Civic Engagement

Dedicated to empowering and educating community members about voting systems and its significance. We are committed to providing accurate information and strive to build a community that reflects our diverse culture and values, fostering a deeper understanding of the government system.

Khmer Language Services

Professional translation and interpretation services at an affordable price. We are committed to ensuring accuracy and appropriateness in using the Khmer language for our clients within and outside the Cambodian community.

Monorom Family Support Program

Providing families with special-needs relatives with support in case management, counseling, recreational, and educational opportunities. Funded and in partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services.

Special Projects

Engaging the community through initiatives to save money through energy efficiency workshops and small business support.

Wrap-Around Community Services

Ensuring the community receives proper services to enhance the quality of their daily life. Walk-ins are welcome, although appointments are highly encouraged.

Youth Services

Designed to provide a supportive and nurturing environment for young people to explore Cambodian cultural heritage while gaining valuable academic and leadership skills.

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