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Wrap-Around Community Services

Wrap-Around Community Services

Our Wrap-Around Community Services team is determined to ensure that all community members receive the proper services that will enhance the quality of their daily life. 


 Most frequently assisted areas:

  • Citizenship (forms and communication)

  • Community partner referrals

  • Employment Authorization Resumes and other job search assistance

  • Fax and Copy services

  • Fuel Assistance CTI application

  • Green Card (renewal only)

  • General translation (forms or paperwork)

  • Health Insurance Assistance

  • Housing Application

  • Masshealth sign ups

  • State I.D. cards

  • Safelink/Lifelink (wireless) Services

  • SNAP (Food Stamps)

  • Social Security

  • Unemployment Assistance

  • Voter Registration

  • Welfare (TAFDC)


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