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Theresa Tha

Theresa Tha

YS Program Coordinator

Contact Information

Theresa Tha joined the CMAA team as the Wrap-Around Community Services Assistant & Receptionist in September 2023. We are excited that Theresa will be transitioning to the Youth Services Program Coordinator effective February 2024. “Since I was young, I have always been more inclined towards learning whatever I could about my culture. My parents taught me how to read and write in Khmer, and enrolled me into dance classes. From there, I began to fall in love and appreciate Cambodian art and culture and eventually worked my way into becoming an assistant instructor at Angkor Dance Troupe. I joined CMAA in hopes of being able to improve and add to my knowledge of Khmer language and culture, so that I could become the bridge between the older generation Cambodian immigrants and the younger generations of Cambodian Americans. Only by being able to witness and empathize with the struggles from both sides, will we be able to better the community as a whole.”
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