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Shining Stars After-School Program

Turning today's students into tomorrow's professionals.

Eligible Age Group

Program Cost

Financial Aid Available


14-19 Years Old




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2023-24 Calendar

Program Details

The Shining Stars After-School Program (SSASP), formerly known as Young Professionals Leadership Program, is an after school program that helps mentor and guide young people through a variety of topics to support them as they transition into their next chapter in life. After completing this program, we hope that our youth are fully equipped for the future. The youth learn about many topics including:

  • Life Skills

  • Workforce Preparation

  • College Readiness 

  • Experience from Professionals

Life Skills

Youth are able to establish a foundation for their lives by learning important and necessary life skills and topics such as saving and budgeting, basic tax filing, and managing their mental health.

Workforce Preparation

As the youth are nearing their graduation day, it is essential to secure a job to jumpstart their finances for their future ventures. There are several workshops for the youth to participate in such as resume building, mock interviews, and job searching among many others.

College Readiness

It is never too early to start planning for college. At Shining Stars, the youth can receive help to prepare for college from something as small as homework assistance, to booking college tours, and to something as big and hectic as completing the Free Application for Financial Student Aid (FAFSA).


Youth are able to experience being in the workforce through a mentorship program with current working professionals in various fields and learn skills from the experience to apply and use at future occupations.

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