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Rising Stars Summer Program

Creating a safe and welcoming environment for young people to mingle, learn, and play.

Eligible Age Group

Program Cost

Financial Aid Available


7-16 Years Old

$75.00 Per Participant

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2023-24 Calendar

Program Details

The Rising Stars Summer Program (RSSP) is a 6-week program that starts after the Fourth of July weekend, and ends the week of the Lowell's Southeast Asian Water Festival (third Saturday of August). The program runs Monday through Friday from 10:00AM - 3:00PM. Youth are able to participate in various activities to encourage learning, being active, and being involved in the community including:

  • Sports and Outdoor Recreation

  • Arts & Crafts

  • Meeting with Guest Speakers and Volunteering

  • Field Trips

Sports and Outdoor Play

We encourage the youth to stay active and get outside by playing sports and taking trips to Lowell’s numerous parks.


Arts & Crafts and Scientific Experiments

Youth are able to express their creativity and curiosity through activities such as painting, experimenting, and other hands-on crafts.


Community Involvement

Youth are able to get more involved in Lowell’s community through volunteering for other non-profit organizations, and meeting with current working professionals and community leaders in the city of Lowell.


Field Trips

We bring the youth to several interactive places such as farms and museums to give them the chance to experience places outside of Lowell and introduce them to the thrills of going on an adventure.

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