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Cambodian Cultural After-School Program

Shaping cultural identities of Cambodian youth.

Eligible Age Group

Program Cost

Financial Aid Available


7-16 Years Old

$25.00 Per Participant

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Program Details

The Cambodian Cultural After-School Program (CCASP) runs from 2:30-5:30PM while school is in session following the Lowell Public School calendar. We help our youth succeed through homework assistance and Cambodian-related classes including:

  • Khmer Language

  • Cambodian Culture and History

  • Cambodian Musical Instruments

  • Cambodian Classical and Folk Dance

  • Cambodian Folk Songs


Khmer Language Classes

Youth will learn how to speak, understand, read, and write the Khmer language. This not only helps teach the youth to be proud of knowing their family's mother tongue, but also to ease communication with their parents, elders in their family, and other people in the Cambodian community.


Culture and History

The youth learn about Cambodian customs such as formal greetings and important cultural holidays. They also learn to meditate and how to recite Buddhist scriptures, learn about Cambodia's geography, and its history. With this further insight, we hope to instill a sense of pride within the youth for being Cambodian and help shape their unique cultural identity.

Watch a snippet of our youth reciting Buddhist scripture:


Traditional Music

The youth learn about the different instruments used for classical and traditional folk music. They also receive training in playing one of the many instruments of the Cambodian orchestra from renowned master teachers.

What a snippet of our youth practicing:


Folk Songs

The youth are taught several child-friendly folk song staples such as Sarika Keo Euy សារិកាកែវអឺយ and Arapiya អារ៉ាប់ពីយ៉ា to practice their language skills, and form a sense of rhythm and melody.

Watch a snippet of our youth practicing:


Classical and Folk Dance

The youth are able to learn classical and folk dances such as Bopha Lokei របាំបុប្ផាលោកីយ៍​ and Coconut របាំគោះត្រឡោក to practice flexibility, structure, discipline, and the dancing arts.

Watch a snippet of our youth performing at the Cambodian Flag Raising Event at Lowell City Hall:

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