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Dana Touch

& Energy Efficiency Assistant

Civic Engagement Assistant


Civic Engagement

Special Projects


Office Extension:   

(978) 454-6200   


Direct Line:   

(351) 500-6452

Dana Touch joined the CMAA team on August 28, 2023 as our Civic Engagement Assistant and Energy Efficiency Project Assistant!

Dana was born and raised in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. She came to the United States for her Master of Laws degree in August 2022. As a Khmer and International Law student with a passion for civic engagement and community empowerment, she strongly believes that the transformative power of knowledge and language can uplift people in need and create positive change in society.

At CMAA, she wishes to contribute her knowledge and experience to the organization’s mission of providing essential support to the Cambodian community. Her favorite activities are hiking and traveling where she can explore new landscapes and challenge her limits as well as feel the beauty of nature.

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