Work Agreement Indonesian Maid

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Approximately five weeks before the renewal of your work permit from your management assistant, you will receive a letter from the Ministry of Work Permits (MOM). The process of renewing your work permit should take about one to two weeks. This maid from Indonesia did not return from a holiday in the homes and we terminated her work permit. Name: SITI MAESAROH Work Permit no.0 06625916Pass No.: AS 130496 Employment period: 29 AUG 14 – 06 AUG 15Crise to warn others not to stop these items. She is literally lazy, she likes to act (especially when it comes to Menses) and constantly emotionally black that she says her father/mother is dead. He has a total of 6 recruitment files with MOM, including us. (was blinded not to check their status before they settled) Of good will, we agreed to send her home to see her mother on her deathbed (make-up story again, we assumed that when the date of her departure, she bought some chocolates and coffee mixes for Indonesia), but she never came back when we had to pick her up at the airport. Not too sure that this is what is called the culture of INDON MAIDS, where they just like to lie/act etc…… Now, without the good and good agencies, the bloodsuckers are serious.

For each replacement, certain administration costs are required. I didn`t say that. No choice but to decide not to hire maids for now or in the future! We wanted to be nice employers (offering a work balance), but something these maids take us on a trip….. Before renewing your assistant`s work permit, you must keep these documents and information available: MOM is not ready to prevent employers from being deceived by FDW or being blackmailed by the good agency. All guidelines are either pro-maid or pro-agency. No matter what we paid, most of the time your return is low or zero. One thing safely, no matter what kind of bad maid you used, agency fees, regardless of whether you paid 1000 or 1800 dollars, it is eaten! Once all the required documents have been filed, your FDW will receive a passport payment voucher allowing it to retrieve its new passport within 3 business days. First, you should be obsessed with STOP about your daughter and learn to make your child more responsible or take responsibility for her. You are English is not very good yourself, and they still dare to complain about the maid. I don`t want to make it a personal attack, but I really think employers in Singapore shouls have a heart – you can`t expect the maid to take on your responsibilities as a mother and yes, it was really, just said, nasty of you letting them write all their mistakes. It`s not that you never forget things and you`ve been so flawless.

Please learn to treat others with dignity, as you wish. We had an Indonesian maid who worked for us for 14 years. Recently, she returned home for an emergency call. She promised to call back as soon as she arrived, but she never did. As we were worried about their well-being, we tried to call it several times, but we couldn`t get them. After many attempts, we managed to get her on the phone and she gave the execuses that her father is dead and that she can not return in the meantime. So I told her to take a month off, and that she was to come back soon, as soon as her passport is soon made, otherwise she could not come here. She promised me that she would call me if she decided not to come back, and she never did.

A short time later, I called his sister and said that if they do not call me that day, I will have to make a police report because I will not be responsible for their welfare and I will have to have a replacement. Later that day, she texted me on my phone and told me that she was sorry and that she could no longer work for me. We were very angry and disappointed with her when we treated her as a member of our family, and took her for every vacation, and my kids are really closed for her.

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