What Is The Difference Between Conflict And Disagreement

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To get acceptance in a group, you could say what they like, what they don`t like, and say things they don`t like, that they really like. One could, for example, claim that they read a lot of books to be considered intellectuals, but in reality they hate reading books. It creates a disagreement between the things you really want and the things you claim to want to do. The unequal distribution of power plunges you into a situation of anger that can then turn into a major conflict. When people are in conflict, it means that one or more of the participants in the conflict, often all of them, do not talk to each other. The feelings are so strong and the assumptions about opponents so stiff that one believes that the party cannot or will not hear. It is often the case during a conflict that participants talk to everything but the person concerned. The determining factor in the conflict is that people do not talk to each other. Conflict is a matter of form. Communication is based on assumptions that people are giving in to each other, and there is no desire to bring others together so that there is a common understanding.

Misinterpretation and misunderstanding of different things such as nature, expectations, priorities can lead to conflict. In general, conflict is defined as a situation in which people have goals incompatible with a certain degree of negative emotions. The more important the goals are to people, the more defensive they become. Therefore, high emotions are part of the conflict itself. When people focus more on defending their position, they tend to block others. They tend not to listen, not understand what the other person is saying, or, in the worst case, not to care about the other person`s interests or concerns. 1. Forces of internal conflicts of desire or emotions within a person What determines a disagreement is that you and your partner are talking to each other. And because you talk to each other, you can negotiate a solution to disagreements. You can look for a win-win result. The most important thing is that after the disagreement, you are still talking to each other. The problems of the CAFO trigger many emotional interactions between people in rural communities.

Often, these encounters become conflict situations that are not useful and destroy relationships that sometimes last a lifetime, and little information to solve the real problems. Conflict differs from discrepancies because of its result, which is generally negative. Sometimes the conflict can be more constructive than destructive and lead to targeted differences of opinion, resulting in positive results and better decision-making. How the conflict is handled determines the outcome. 2.External conflict – conflict between a character and an external force. On the other hand, if you and your spouse are in conflict, you make assumptions about each other and the feelings you have towards each other are negative and strong. In a conflict, you do not speak; rather shouting, avoiding, accusing, talking to each other, etc. These measures fuel the relationship conflict. There is no negotiation in conflicts, no solution, and no use for the relationship.

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