CMAA Stories: Soth Sar

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“I found a supportive community which gave me the strength to continue.”

Soth Sar lost all of her worldly possessions on July 10, 2014 in the Branch Street Fire, which claimed the lives of seven people in the Highlands neighborhood of Lowell, and left her and dozens of others homeless. She remembers coming to the Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association (CMAA) because community members told her that CMAA, along with the City of Lowell, Community Teamwork, Inc. and many other organizations, was coordinating relief efforts and would be able to help her.

In response to the catastrophic event, CMAA helped launch a special fundraising campaign in which 100% of the donations went to fire victims. We also provided translation and interpretation services to assist multiple relief groups with funeral services, food delivery and cash payments. “They helped me to get $200 cash, and find a motel for me to stay for a month while I waited to find a new place”, Soth recalled more than a year after the fire. Soth has continued to use CMAA’s walk-in services ever since. Through CMAA, she “found a supportive community which gave me the strength to continue. Even though all our belongings were gone, I felt lucky that my family survived, and that CMAA helped me to find both a new place to live and stay.”

With your help, CMAA can keep providing services every day to people like Soth. Please consider a donation to us as part of your year-end giving, so we can continue to provide services to those who come to CMAA in need.

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