Wapa Agreement

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The holder guarantees that no person or sales agency has been employed or retained to request or secure the contract for a commission, percentage, percentage, brokerage or contingency fees, with the exception of good faith employees or good faith trade or sales agencies, which are maintained by the contractor for the purpose of guaranteeing the transaction. In the event of a violation or violation of this guarantee, WAPA has the right to cancel the contract without liability or at its sole discretion, in order to deduct or take into account the total amount of that commission, percentage, broker or any eventuality tax of the contract price. Any expressly prescribed notification, request or request in writing by the contract or these provisions is considered valid when addressed in person or sent by mail, commercial delivery service, fax machine, electronic telegram, prepaid telegram or by any other means, with the prior consent of the parties, to the authorized representative of each party in the party`s main offices. The designation of the person to be declared may be changed at any time by a similar notice. When facsimiles or electronic means are used for communications covered by this provision, the sending party keeps a simultaneous recording of those communications and verifies their receipt by the other party. Our main power marketing product is long-term business performance. Fixed power is the capacity and energy we guarantee to be available 24 hours a day. We reserve a part of our generation so that we can continue to provide fixed electricity, even in the event of a power plant outage. The level of reserve capacity is determined by different power pooling agreements and reliability criteria of reliability advice, such as. B.dem WAPA Systems Coordinating Council and Mid-Continent Area Power Pool. Before we market the power of the marketing company, we need to reduce our production resources that are for sale in order to reduce the necessary reserves. . Sometimes we sell contingent or expandable capacities.

Capacity that can be put up for sale or refundable is sold to customers who agree that the capacity is not available under certain conditions. The customer is then responsible for replacing the available or withdrawn capacity. In this way, we avoid costly capacity purchases to meet our obligations to our customers. We can base the amounts of expandable or dependent capacity on amounts that power plants can produce under the best water conditions. We can only provide the capacity that the plants actually produce. Wapa can sell energy associated with peak power instead of demanding its performance. Neither party is considered to be late in payment with any of its contractual obligations, unless the payment is made in accordance with Rule 13 (bill and payment) where the incapacity to perform is due to uncontrollable force. The term “uncontrollable violence” refers to any cause that is beyond the control of the party concerned, including, but not limited to, a failure or threat of failure of facilities, floods, floods, storms, fires, lightning, epidemic, war, unrest, agitation or disobedience, conflict, shortage of manpower or equipment , sabotage, deference by decision of the court or exercise of public authority, and the incomprehy or non-discernment of authorizations or permits required of any public body or authority that could not reasonably have been expected to resolve itself and be unable to overcome through the exercise of the duty of care. Nothing in it should be construed as forcing a party to settle a strike or labour dispute in which it might be involved. Any party who, because of uncontrollable force, is unable to fulfil any of its contractual obligations, must inform the party immediately in writing and exercise the necessary diligence to remedy this incapacity by all appropriate mailings.

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