Uk Agreement With Norway

December 19, 2020 No Comments by chip

Do you know if the temporary trade agreement contained provisions relating to the free movement of persons from January until the conclusion of the trade agreement itself? I come from the UK and am currently staying in Norway with my friend, but I am not yet registered/busy here because my Norwegian is far from being good enough right now! “It is important to ensure that trade in goods between Norway and the United Kingdom can continue after 1 January under the same conditions as today. This temporary agreement will protect our interests as we continue our negotiations for a free trade agreement as soon as possible. After the EU, the UK is our largest trading partner and our two countries agree on the need to maintain close and comprehensive cooperation,” said Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Seride. We have been informed by the tax authorities that UK companies that are currently registered directly at VAT in the absence of VAT representatives will receive information on the registration status of the tax authorities in early 2021. The current registration should be valid until the Norwegian tax authorities contact in 2021. Registration in accordance with the rules applicable to companies domiciled outside the EEA should therefore be carried out after notification by the tax authorities. Negotiations for a free trade agreement are underway and the parties are working to conclude negotiations as soon as possible. However, much remains to be done before a free trade agreement comes into force. Norway and the United Kingdom have recognised that it would not be possible to conclude an agreement that could come into force on 1 January 2021 and have therefore agreed to conclude a temporary regime for trade in goods. Norway said it was also considering temporary solutions for services and investment, in addition to the goods agreement announced on Wednesday. Last year, the UK`s trade with Iceland and Norway amounted to $27 billion, including more than $20 billion in goods. Investments and freedom of establishment may not be properly protected by the final free trade agreement. Nor is it covered in the transitional agreement.

The agreement covers trade in goods and ensures that 95% of merchandise trade with Norway and more than 90% with Iceland remain duty-free, giving companies confidence that they will be able to continue working under the same conditions as they are today, when the transition period ends.

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