One Scotland Mapping Agreement

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6.1 Under two agreements known as the Public Sector Mapping Agreement and the One Scotland Mapping Agreement, Ordnance Survey granted PSMA members and MEMBERS of the OSMA the right to provide and obtain Ordnance Survey Data to certain other licensees of the Order`s investigation under certain conditions. These sharing rights are described in the Public Sector Mapping Agreement and the One Scotland Mapping Agreement “Public Sector Data Sharing”. Buyer Profile Address: The agreement is a significant investment in the world`s first government geo-asset and will help OS help achieve the UK over a 10-year period. The One Scotland Mapping Agreement (OR OSMA) provides Scottish public sector bodies with access to quality survey maps in a digital format. 6.11 One week before the agreed suspension period expires, edINA will review corrective actions taken and decide whether the safety issue has been satisfactorily resolved. If this is the case, it will therefore advise Ordnance Survey and Jisc Collections and recommend the reinstatement of the authorized institution. Subject to the agreement of Ordnance Survey and Jisc Collections, EDINA may initiate a reintegration operation after recording the decision in the minutes of the security incidents and the planned reintroduction date. Getmapping serves THE OSMA data of OSMA members. Our OGC-compliant web data streams are highly established and operate from protected data centers with 99.99% operating time, providing robust and proven service, and are fully managed on the control survey update cycles. The Getmapping Web Map Service (WMS) can use all your OSMA data and our Web Features Service (WFS) can power OS MasterMap Topography Layer, VectorMap District, OS VectorMap Local and OS Opendata. 12.1.1 The legal agreement between Jisc Collections and Ordnance Survey, which allows Jisc Collections to provide Ordnance Survey Data to authorized institutions and authorized users via the Digimap service, expires for some reason. However, Jisc Collections is making reasonable efforts not to terminate the agreement with Ordnance Survey; Or 5.5 Once the corrective action plan is complete, your data security manager will notify EDINA, and after agreement from Jisc Collections and Ordnance Survey, the incident will be recorded as closed in the security incident protocol.

A copy of the full security incident record is sent to Jisc Collections and Ordnance Survey for information. 2.4 This sub-licensing contract replaces and replaces all previous licensing agreements relating to the Digimap service and/or the data granted, as well as all other documents, assurances and terms of existence relating to this purpose.

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