Ns Crown Attorney Collective Agreement

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Every crown lawyer performs an essential service, so that the right to strike offered by the province is purely illusory, a political chimera. It refers to provisions prohibiting strikes in the current collective agreement, which ran from April 1, 2015 to March 31 of this year, as well as a 30-year framework agreement signed in 2016. In a press release issued Thursday, the NSCAA said crown lawyers would review the details of the proposed agreement in the coming weeks and that a decision on its adoption by mid-January would be made. “But at the end of the day, the crown lawyers have a contract – the only thing they asked for is for the province, the Prime Minister, the government to respect that contract.” “Our fear is that this law will hang over the heads of the Crown Lawyers Association when they return to the negotiating table. We hope that is not the case, but time will tell. HALIFAX — Most Nova Scotia lawyers are on strike today, and a Crown negotiator predicts “chaos” in courtrooms across the province. He said he intended to challenge the injunction and union lawyers will argue that the treaty provisions prohibiting strike action are non-extended because the province has violated the framework agreement. He also stated that the province had made veiled threats during mediation talks, that it would legislate to eliminate the right of compulsory conciliation in the parties` framework agreement. Borden said he hoped the government would sign the agreement next week. Managers of internal legal teams often find it difficult to make changes, introduce new processes, introduce new technologies and encourage employees to think differently. It is even more difficult for managers of large departments. It may seem impossible to update settings and working methods. That`s why William Pentney has perhaps one of the toughest jobs in the industry.

He is The Federal Government`s Assistant Minister of Justice and Assistant Attorney General of Canada. Its mission: to change the functioning of the staff of the Ministry of Justice, a federal agency of about 5,000 employees, including about 2,500 lawyers. “It`s just hard for me to go around my head, on the one hand, you have a government that spends $20 million on a ferry that doesn`t leave the wharf. On the other hand, they are willing to go to war with crown attorneys, more than $2 million a year,” Houston said. I think all the neo-cottes should be worried. The crowns were in the middle of last fall`s collective bargaining when the province introduced laws that deprived them of their collective bargaining rights and designed an essential service, limiting their ability to strike. Perry Borden, president of the Nova Scotia Crown Attorneys` Association, said the terms of the agreement will not be discussed publicly until the province reacts to the vote. Many Nova Scotia prosecutors came to Province House on Wednesday to protest a law introduced by the Liberals that makes it an essential service and dramatically changes the way the province negotiates contracts with its 100 crown lawyers.

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