Young Professionals Leadership Program

To cultivate a culture of learning and friendship among Khmer college students through lifelong mentorship fostered by working professionals.

For High School, College Students & Young Professionals:
An opportunity to foster change in someone’s life.
Use mentoring experience as a launching board for leadership roles and career opportunities.
Leverage professional mentors as a source of reference and learn more about various industries.

For Professionals:
An opportunity to give-back to the community and meet motivated youth.

Program Guidelines:
In order for this program to be successful, the individual professional mentor plays a critical role in supporting the youth in this program. Commitments from mentors are to have 2 point of contact a month, either through  email, phone calls, or face to face meeting for on-going basis.

For more information, please contact:

Ida Borin
Youth Program Coordinator
Phone: 978-454-6200 x1017

Kennis Yin-Mor
Communications and Development Assistant
Youth Program Assistant Coordinator
Phone: 978-454-6200 x1018