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Every Wednesday, CMAA broadcasts a live tv show to share important news and events to the Khmer community of Lowell. The host share stories about health, events, and other nonprofit efforts. The shows are aired through the local access cable channel via Lowell Telecommunications Corporation (LTC). Air time is Wednesday 6:00 – 7:00 PM and repeats Friday, 2:00 – 3:00 pm on channel 95.

Please click the links below to watch the episodes on our Youtube Channel. Enjoy!


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  • Greetings. My name is Mr. Josie Taino Hatuey. I am the Bilingual Outreach Specialist for the Adult Family Care (AFC) program. We are one of many programs of the Somerville-Cambridge Elder Services. Our AFC program serves the Greater Boston, North Shore and Merrimack Valley regions respectively. We are reaching out to your CMAA organization in hopes of being able to visit your center and provide a 15-20minute presentation on our Adult Family Care program and how this can impact and help those Cambodian families that may be able to participate and become eligible. We provide a tax-free monthly stipend to those family members caring for another that are deemed eligible for AFC services. We also provide a social worker and nurse on a monthly or bi-monthly (depending on needs of person being cared for) home visit in order to help manage the participant’s needs. These services are fully covered by and paid for via MassHealth. Again, we would like to be able to visit your center and bring awareness to your staff and clients regarding the Adult Family Care program. We are committed to providing and reaching out to various cultural groups and communities and would like to form a working collaboration with CMAA as well as the Khmer-speaking community of Lowell/Merrimack Valley region.

    We look forward in hearing from you and meeting your team/clients. Thank you in advance.

    Mr. Josie Taino Hatuey, M.Ed.
    Bilingual Outreach Specialist
    Adult Family Care
    61 Medford Street
    Somerville, MA. 02143
    (617) 628-2601 X3218

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