Passage to Healing Program

The Passage to Healing program, a subcontract from the Lowell Community Health Center, is designed to assist the first, and second generation of the Cambodian people that had survived the Khmer rouge regime or have experienced torture while living in the refugee camps imrpove their own well-being, promote self-sufficiency and increase their access to quality primary care, mntal health care, and other social determinants of health such as increased access to social, legal and financial resources.

For the past year, we have served over 294 indivuduals, including direct services, health promotion, and education on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, food stamp applications, resumes, medical appointments, sight translations, housing application, SSI application, and make referrals to other agencies as needed.

For information about the program and services, please contact:

Ronnie Mouth
978-454-6200, ext. 1000